Honeybook vs. Dubsado: The Ultimate 2024 Review

  1. Isabel says:

    Hi Laney, quick question. I could see that Honeybook only supports businesses in the US and Canada. What about Dubsado?? do you know?

    thank you so very much!! this post has been so very helpful!

    • Laney Schenk says:

      Hi Isabel! Great question – as far as I can tell, Dubsado works in any country, but there are different payment and invoicing requirements by country. Some countries require invoicing softwares to be approved by their tax boards, but Dubsado may not be on that list. HB takes its own payments so that will be more limited, but if you are able to take payments via Stripe or Square (stripe also allows ACH) then you should be good!

      • Isabel says:

        Thanks Laney! I think I will be good then, I will be using it from Dubai which is super open 🙂 Dubsado it is then!
        Thanks for the review again. Extremely useful! and, a fan of you and your work! Amazing how far you are getting being so young. It’s inspiring 🙂

  2. Morgan Hall says:

    Hi Laney! Is it necessary to have HoneyBook/Dubsado AND Quickbooks/GoDaddy Bookkeeping? I see that HoneyBook integrates with QuickBooks but it seems that HoneyBook keeps track of finances well too. Is it necessary to have both? If so, what are the benefits?

    • Laney Schenk says:

      Hi Morgan!

      Great question – I think it depends a little on where you’re taking money from. HB/Dubs can only bookkeep/account for the money they’re accepting, so if you also sell on Etsy, your website, in person, etc. then you would either need to manually enter all of that or account for it in another way. My accountant uses QB as the industry standard, and I can just create a login for her to go in and see everything so honestly that’s worth it to me. But it’s not to say it’s the ONLY way to do things!!!!

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  4. The Dubsado discount code link isn’t working. It brings me to the home page, but no discount code is applied when signing up. If you have a new one, please send it to me!

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