Invitation Design Course

Free 7-Part Video Series for Stationery Designers

Ever wanted to learn how to design wedding invitations? Here’s a 7-day email crash course to get you started - over 2,000 people have taken it!

I’ve been designing invitations for 7 years full time, and I’ve helped hundreds of thousands of creatives start and grow their businesses.

This free design course was created to give you an intro into everything you need to know about designing wedding invitations and starting a stationery business.

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  1. The Pieces of the Suite
  2. Wording + Gathering Info
  3. Stationery Design Programs
  4. Finding Art + Inspiration
  5. Envelopes
  6. Invitation Print Methods
  7. Stationery Production + Assembly

In this invitation design crash course, we'll cover:

If you're brand new to stationery design, you'll learn how to confidently: 

meet your teacher

I'm Laney from Design by Laney and I help people start successful stationery businesses. I came from a Fortune 10 company (working with multi-million-dollar businesses on the regular) and now run a six-figure invitation design and education firm. I've educated tens of thousands of creative entrepreneurs worldwide on how to run successful businesses in many fields, with a focus on wedding industry creatives. My goal is to overturn the "starving artist" trope and show everyone who's ever asked "But what do you do *for money*?" just how successful a creative business can be! This free course is designed to teach you how to use my favorite design program for invitations - Adobe Illustrator!

How the Invitation Design Crash Course Works

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Your business can feel fun, easy, and profitable, all at the same time. I'll show you how!

Do I need Adobe Illustrator or any design programs for this course?

No! This course assumes you’re a total beginner with no courses or training! However, one of my goals in this course is to teach you which programs and tools to invest in first as a stationery designer to help catapult your business.

How in-depth is this course?

This is a basic crash course via email! It will give you things to think about, my favorite tools, examples of how to use those tools, and places to get started. It is not a full design course. If you want that, check out our full foundational course, From Start to Suite or join us in Stationery School


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