Stationery School is the ongoing education you need to grow your business, whether you're still side-hustling, or you're a full time designer!

You're never fully done learning. As our industry grows and changes, you should grow and change with it.
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Curious if how you're running things is "the right way" or makes any sense at all?

Wondering where everyone else is finding these dream invitation clients? 

Knowing where you want to be in 5 or 10 years, but not totally sure how to get there?

Struggling to find time to take your business seriously?

Investing in tons of education that you never finish, because it's all just too much?

Ready to take this stationery thing seriously?

Is this you?

Been there, done that. I've listened to the same lessons a million times, and written about 117 (no joke) blog posts that did nothing for my business because that's what you were "supposed" to do. Let's stop making this harder and holding all of our knowledge hostage. 

Are you...

Raise your hand if you're ready for running a stationery business to feel easy and fun!

meet your teacher

Hi, I'm Laney!

I'm a self-taught invitation designer who's helped thousands of creatives learn the ins and outs of running a successful art business. Together, we can elevate the stationery industry, make it fun, and spend time doing what we love to do - creating.

And while you're focusing on your art, I'd like to focus on teaching you to make money and meet huge milestones in your business.

Enter      Stationery    School

Stationery School

An online educational membership created just for Invitation Designers - to grow your art and design skills, and improve on all the boring business stuff too! 

Stationery School is full of bite-sized tutorials and easily-digestible, no-fluff lessons so you can learn a new skill while sipping coffee or up your business savvy during lunch hour!

1. Invitation Design
2. The Client Process
3. Running the Business
4. Art for Stationers
5. Marketing

50+ Courses to binge immediately upon signup! Peep the list here

Also included


Free course - Invitation Composition + Layout
Access to all course materials during your active membership
Exclusive discounts on other Design by Laney resources + courses
A defined path to keep you moving forward
A members-only Facebook Community for support and friendship

What You'll Get

The full bank of past Stationery School lessons, all within our 5 content pillars
(50+ courses available to binge right away!)

Every Month:
30-40+ minutes of new lessons
Live Office Hours with Laney + other members

Every Week:
Motivation Monday Email
Discussing strategic business decisions, mindset, and other more theoretical topics

Walkthrough Wednesday Email
A bite-sized, actionable tutorial on specific topics related to the month's focus areas

5 Content Pillars:


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What people are saying...

"I found myself taking pages pages of notes, rewatching sections, and making immediate changes to my business to maximize efficiency (and therefore, money!). Laney gets that time is valuable, and I appreciated how much information is packed into each segment. She doesn't tell you *what* to think, but *how* to think about your stationery business. She teaches you to figure out what works for you, and she manages to teach this in a way that is not vague, but immediately actionable. Business changing, for sure!"

"The Motivation Monday emails really hit the spot. It's like she's reading my mind and knows exactly what I need to be hearing. Mindset is half the battle! The Walkthrough Wednesday emails truly cover topics I wouldn't expect to get in email format. I pulled valuable information from each one I got...I identify as a intermediate stationery designer as I just started designing invitations this year but an advanced business owner. I love that the upcoming topics will cover a wide range of information, and I believe there are always nuggets of information within any course regardless of what stage of business you are in."

Allison M.

Wildwood Calligraphy and Post

Jessica M.

Jes Married




Short and to-the-point with honest answers to your most-asked questions. No fluff, only actionable steps!

To get your week started off right - we'll talk philosophical questions, strategic decisions, and thinking bigger.

Steps you can put into place immediately, including design tricks, system hacks, and conversation templates.

Watch one lesson or binge all your courses at once!
Finally a school that really does let you choose your own schedule...

(and for those of us who simply can't handle morning classes!)


Flexibility to choose which courses you need right now, and return to courses when you need a refresher

Simplicity in content to get rid of fluff and give you actionable steps to implement in your business

Honest insight into a 6-figure stationery designer's proven processes, systems, and numbers

Regular communication to keep you on track and make sure the content is driven by your needs

Your membership begins the moment you sign up or on 11/2 for early orders! You'll receive access to the lesson bank, all emails remaining that month, and that month's Live will be available on Facebook after it happens. You will not receive emails that have already been sent that month.

Yes! If you've paid for a year, you will still have access to all content until the end of your paid subscription. Monthly members can cancel anytime.

There may be certain parts of the content that don't apply outside of the US, but the majority of the skills will be applicable anywhere in the world. Email me if you have questions! 

No problem! And yay for you! The courses will not be catered toward extreme beginners, but we have the Stationery Biz Kickstarter Bundle as an add-on option to help you get your business set up and handle basic Stationery concepts! Click here to see what's in the Bundle! We also have a full-on beginner stationery design course called From Start to Suite!

From Start to Suite is a foundational course that will take you through modules in a cohesive manner that builds on itself as it goes. You’ll start with business topics and move through design and production from beginning to end. It’s designed with true beginners in mind.

I like to think of Stationery School as “continuing education” for stationers. It includes shorter standalone lessons on lots of topics, and you can “choose your own adventure”. Most lessons assume a certain level of knowledge about the industry.

In my (totally unbiased) opinion, From Start to Suite is perfect for true beginners, and then Stationery School is a good way to keep learning after you’ve taken From Start to Suite! Or a good place to dive in if you’re already familiar with the workings of a stationery business.

I’m always happy to answer questions about the options and help guide you to what is best for your situation!


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