Instagram Reels Tutorial – Tips for Better Reels!

  1. Yuko says:

    Hi! I love this article! I’ve been creating reels for a few months, but its always good to learn about the different features/tips. I swear you used to be able to rearrange the clips, is this feature disabled now? Or is there a workaround it? Wondering if you know anything about this. Thank you Laney!

  2. Teena Hughes says:

    Hey Lacey, great info! I’m new to Instagram – about to start using it.

    in the article above you wrote: “I won’t reel-y be covering HOW to shoot and edit Reels today, so check out this article for more information on that”

    But there is no LINK to go to that other article.

    Would you be so kind as to please include that and let me know when I can click on it?

    Many thanks!
    Teena 💜

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