Your Ideal Client Worksheet

  1. Kate says:

    Great video! I’ve done these exercises before and found it to be a great resource!

  2. Allison says:

    Please email me your checklist. It sounds like a wonderful tool.

  3. […] Consider who the ideal person you want to sell to is – this is called your ideal client (read more and download our free worksheet) and it’ll help determine where you should be in the […]

  4. sara says:

    Would love to download the resource! Where is the link to it? I’m not seeing a form to fill out

  5. […] That depends on what type of client you’re looking for! If you want to sell to engaged couples, you’ll look in a different place than if you want to sell to businesses, or dog moms, or yoga teachers, or whatever your specific niche is. I have a whole worksheet you can download to figure that out for your stationery business! Ideal Client Worksheet […]

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