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rock paper coin benefits

How Rock Paper Coin Helps your Business

Rock Paper Coin streamlines your invoicing, contracts, and client communications

Rock Paper Coin allows me to create and send invoices and contracts in less than 5 minutes!

Get paid faster with Rock, Paper, Coin Payments

Provide value to every client and look as professional as a much larger business.

Communicate with other vendors seamlessly

Share files with clients (including Google Drive integration!)

rock paper coin features

My Fave Features in Rock Paper Coin

1. Create contract templates to send contracts in 3-4 clicks

2. Invite clients and other vendors to collaborate in the same space

3. Accept payments and get paid fast

4. Share files with clients via Google Drive integration

5. Super simple setup with white glove assistance if you need it (for free)

6. Did I mention they're giving a FREE YEAR?

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Check out a few of our free videos about Rock Paper Coin, before you grab your free year! Make sure to use Rock Paper Coin Referral Code LANEY when you sign up!

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