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You can consider Hello Bonsai to be a virtual Chief of Operations, Legal, and Finance all in one! When you're a small business, the extra help that Hello Bonsai can offer will make you feel like a much bigger, more streamlined, and more profitable team! 

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hello bonsai benefits

How Bonsai
 Makes Business Easier 

Hello Bonsai will keep track of every project you're working on and every client you're working with

Send proposals, invoices, and contracts in no time with Hello Bonsai

Bonsai collects your payments and tracks your accounting - so you get paid faster and know where your money's coming from

With Bonsai, your clients will see you as a much larger business, even if it's only you behind the screen

Save countless hours and headaches with Hello Bonsai so you can focus on actually doing the work you love

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hello bonsai features

My Favorite Bonsai Features

1. Invoice with special features like automatic late fees, locked files until after payment, time tracking, and more!

2. Get paid quickly via credit card, bank transfer, or PayPal

3. Track project expenses and income, and even get help filing your taxes

4. View all of your current projects, clients, contracts, etc. all in one dashboard to keep track of things and prevent issues

5. Template your processes and forms without lifting a finger with Hello Bonsai!

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Honeybook is its own payment processor - no need to set up a second account

Automated payments are an option

Mobile App

Collaboration with other Vendors in "Workspaces"

Can view past versions of forms

Lead Tracking metrics provided


Contracts and Signatures

Proposals and Invoicing


Automated Workflows

Collects Payments

Email Capabilities

Project Tracking and Management

Embeddable Lead Captures


Public Proposals

Custom code blocks available on all forms

All forms allow photos, file uploads, etc. equally

Zoom and Quickbooks Integration

Robust automated workflows

Payments via Stripe, Square or PayPal

Hello Bonsai

Hello Bonsai vs Honeybook

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