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Free 7-Part Video Series for Stationery Designers

Wondering how to use Adobe Illustrator?
As a wedding invitation designer, I use Adobe Illustrator for stationery design every day!

Sign up for our Free Adobe Illustrator Class, and you will get 7 videos about using Adobe Illustrator for invitation design delivered to you. 

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  1. Understand the benefits of Adobe Illustrator for Invitation Design
  2. Set up your Files and Artboards correctly in Adobe Illustrator
  3. Work within Adobe Illustrator using Raster and Vector Elements
  4. Create Vector Shapes in Illustrator
  5. Edit Text in Adobe Illustrator
  6. Work with Colors in Adobe Illustrator
  7. Customize your user experience and Workspace within Illustrator

If you're brand new to stationery design, you'll learn how to: 

If you're brand new to stationery design, you'll learn how to confidently: 

How the Adobe Illustrator Course Works

After the 7 days, you’ll get a link to a website where all 7 videos live, in case you’d like to come back and re-watch!

This course shows how to use Adobe Illustrator for stationery design. If you’re not into stationery design, it’s still a good intro to Adobe Illustrator!

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meet your teacher

I'm Laney from Design by Laney and I help people start successful stationery businesses. I came from a Fortune 10 company (working with multi-million-dollar businesses on the regular) and now run a six-figure invitation design and education firm. I've educated tens of thousands of creative entrepreneurs worldwide on how to run successful businesses in many fields, with a focus on wedding industry creatives. My goal is to overturn the "starving artist" trope and show everyone who's ever asked "But what do you do *for money*?" just how successful a creative business can be! This free course is designed to teach you how to use my favorite design program for invitations - Adobe Illustrator!

Your business can feel fun, easy, and profitable, all at the same time. I'll show you how!

Do I need Illustrator for this course?

It’s helpful to already have Adobe Illustrator installed before you start this course! This link will take you to their latest discounts. I highly recommend getting the full Adobe Creative Cloud Suite if you want to become a stationery designer.

Why should I get the full Adobe Suite?

My favorite stationery design programs are Adobe Illustrator, InDesign, and Photoshop to design wedding invitations. I use all 3 of these design programs in combination to create beautiful wedding stationery for my clients!

Why do you use Illustrator for design?

I’ll talk a little about this in the first video, but Adobe Illustrator is great for editing vector graphics, as well as text and colors. Photoshop is great for editing raster graphics (like photos and watercolors!) and InDesign is great for editing longer documents with multiple pages (like formatting envelope addressing). 


How to Start a Stationery Business

If you want to dive deeper and learn how to start a stationery business, you can check out From Start to Suite, our foundational course for wedding invitation designers. There will be a code in your Adobe Illustrator course that you can use for $50 off From Start to Suite if you enjoy my teaching style and want to keep learning!

8 Modules

Over 10 hours of video content in 8 modules from expert designer Laney Ruddell

Deep Dive

See the REAL back-end numbers, processes, and tools Laney uses in Design by Laney

10+ Bonuses

Bonus courses, workbooks, and templates to use and adapt in your stationery business

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