Every Instagram student I have asks this question - but I’d bet you know way more than you think! Use our handy caption ideas to spark your creativity and answer the questions your clients really want to know about your work!

Need a little more help with strategy? Or maybe your strategy is just….post pretty pictures?!

What the Heck do I say?!

I make about 70% of my income from Instagram (and pssst that’s almost 6 figures this year!). I’m sharing my best tricks and hacks to make Instagram work for you. Spend less time stressing over captions and create an Algorithm-Proof, audience-focused, selling machine.

Topics Covered Include:

WHY Instagram
What to post
Using Insights
Instagram Stories
Lighting and Flatlays
Tips for Increasing Engagement
Optimizing Posts
Converting on Instagram
The Algorithm
…and much more! 

The Instagram Guide for Creatives

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